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Boonex Dolphin Social Networking Site- CSS PHP Flash Video Player Tasks.

We are seeking a highly skilled boonex developer to assist us with CSS, Video Integration, PHP Task for a boonex dolphin social networking site.

The tasks are:


1) pageBuilder.php?Page=index
The iframes that are added in the page builder are not showing up. Every time we put a iframe into the html block it disappears or it doesn't show the ad and it only shows the text. The text also disappears after saving an html block.

2) Video upload notification are not being posted to the wall
Show the text: Member added new video. It's not appearing and show the video player in the wall.

4) Enable most viewed, top rated, most commented, most recent for
m/groups /home/

5) Remove the spacer from the video thumbnails m/videos/home/
Make them all the same size. Some video thumbnails are smaller and than the other video thumbnails.

6) Enable the search box in the homepage

Video Tasks
1) When /index.php is refreshed, the video player on the homepage should play a different featured video and stop the video from playing automatically in m/videos/home/

Please put the album administration section under videos of this album in the link: m/photos/albums/my/add_objects/

The video in m/videos/home/ is supposed to be taken from featured video and play different videos and generate a thumbnail in 5 seconds

The video stopped playing here. Autoplay a video when it's clicked on.

When the /m/videos/albums/my/add_objects/ is viewed, it should show the content from m/videos/albums/my/manage (Albums administration and my albums) under videos of this album
This also applies to /m/photos/albums/my/add_objects/
Let us know where we can go to edit these files.

1)Fix the css of the messenger on the flash menu barLink: /index.php and make it look like the messenger on the flash menu bar in Ex: and change the color of the
messenger to blue like the header drop down box:
The messenger still looks the same. Please change the popup messenger to the messenger

2) Fix the CSS with Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari Chrome and make it browser compatibile.
Make the all the web page look the same on all browsers on mobile phone, tablets, laptops and desktops.

2) Please put the pink box back that appears after a video and let us know where we can go to change the color of the pink box: m/videos/albums/my/add_objects/

Pass to color of pink box:
Root of the site swfupload/css/default.css 61 line
What is the name of the css pink box?

3) Enable the tinymce default font color to white and background color #030133

Knowledge with Boonex Dolphin Social networking css platform boonex.com
Knowledge with PHP CSS Flash Xhtml Javascript
Must be punctual and meet deadlines.

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I can help skype me at "expertzkris" ty.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.