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Boonex Dolphin Task List: Seeking a web developer to complete these tasks

We are seeking a web developer to complete these task for our Boonex Dolphin site. Please send your porfolio if interested. Thanks.


Move up the featured videos bar to the video player 0 margin on the homepage.

Allow guest to view all members profiles.


Fix the css of the messenger on the flash menu bar



Allow guests to view all ads in ads home

*Videos are not being posted to the wall


Show 100 forum topics in the forum

Throughout members show 100 members


Show the video full screen in the video player



Nothing gets saved in the page builder. Please enable it for google chrome


Make the website look the same on all browsers

Internet Explorer





Android Mobile Browers





We added answers to answers but it’s not being saved. It’ disappears after 10 minutes

 *Make sure the video player works when uploading videos:

Correct the menu flash bar css. We will have to show you on the computer

Enable the  video thumbnail on the video player

Enable the video to autoplay when a video is clicked on

Make the search box on on the homepage look like the link below:

Change the color of the pink box that shows up after uploading a video to #030133

Enable the options for video to be sorted correctly for Most Viewed, Most Commented and Top Rated


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We can help you.
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