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Boonex Mobile App needs some tweaks

Hello Guys!  I'm going to a big event end of July.  I'm planning to tell people to download and try it but I just found out that there is NO registration on mobile at all!! I prefer to use Boonex mobile than WAP because I have spywall mobile. It's a great module!   I need some tweaks for both IOS and Android to complete the important aspects of Dolphin mobile.  

1. I need to add a register button at the bottom so they can register on their phones without having to register on the website.  On a new page, i would like to have a few basic info they need to fill in.  Here's the following list:

Confirm Password:
Date of birth:
US State:

Username, password, and email are required but the rest is optional.  Also, it would be nice to add another button for Login right next to it.

2. I have a third party script for chat.  It's mobile friendly however you have to go to safari on your phone and type this url in order to chat there.  It's a pain that they have to go to the chat room outside of the Dolphin mobile app.  Is it possible to add a button like you see in the picture and add something like iframe and have the URL website inside of it so it doesn't look like it's actually on the website. Know what I mean? This way they can chat there without leaving the mobile app.  That would be nice.  If this is too difficult, maybe add a direct link… click and then jump to safari automatically.  The bad thing about this is that they can't go back.. they have to get out of safari and then go back to the Dolphin mobile app. :/  



Please let me know if this is possible and how much you're willing to do this?  



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well its past July, so I hope your event went well.. let me know if you still need these modifications addressed.
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