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Category block - extend function

Need to add a category block to a new page. 

This will be AFTER users have selected to view listing in a module by using the search block with 'search by country, area/state/town' option.


for example.

I have several modules by Modzzz installed such as business listings, classifieds etc...


On home page, you have blocks such as latest listings, categories, states, search etc...


If you select to view by state, category, or using the search block, it will then take you to a 'filtered' page where all listings under that search parameter are in one long list. You then lose the option to sub-search within category.


This is no good if you have 100 listings in 1 state and 100 stated in 1 country!


I need to first be able to filter by country, then by state, and THEN by category. 


So, this will mean not just placing the category block to be available on the post search pages, but also adjusting it so it searches categories ONLY within the search results so far... (after country or state selection!)



This block is needed to be places on all modules I have by Modzzz (should all be using same setup).



If you can help or have an alternative suggestion how to achieve this, please let me know!

praveenkv198825th of October 2011bid: $550  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
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