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Charts Music Mod

I am looking for someone who know hows to make a Charts Music Mod for my website

Mod should perform like the charts mod on this link:

a few things will be different but the first thing is finding someone who knows how to make the basic formate of it. contact me only if your 100% sure you know how to build this mod. thanks.

No bids so far.
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Check this out
Also this one may help
Hello, the fist link you sent, it dont look nothing like what i need. the 2nd link you sent, well i already have the mp3 zone mod. its not done though because the developer has taken nearly 3months to finish the installation of it, and from what i can see now, its wont do what i need it to either. maybe your not understand what im needing done. thanks for trying though
Okay hope you find someone else do the charts for you. God bless.
I already have this adrian, but mine uses video not music tracks..... It can be done. but i would look recomend having it custom coded : )
hey how you doing., well maybe you can help me set this up because i havent seen no mods on boonex that will do this. contact me asap with more information please. you have my email already :)
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