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Chatroom Module for Dolphin 7,1

Hello, we need a chatroom for our site that will....

our config, Dolphin 7,1 using the Hypernova responsive template with the evowall and photodeluxe.

Our needs.

1) easy installation

2) possibility to create private chatrooms with password or by invitation only.

3) possibility to post photos in the chatroom

4) conversation buffer (adjustable delay), members want to see the previous conversations when they join the chatroom

5) a facebook look alike would be good.

6) must be mobile friendly

7) must be tablet friendly

8) We need this ASAP



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Looks like that this module does a lot of required things:
basically all I would like to have right now is a buffer on the boonex chatroom module, that would be perfect, the problem with the f-chat, there are no webcams....
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.