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Convert a mod's main page as the site's "index" page

I bought a 3rd party mod and would like to setup the mod's main/home page as now my site's index/homepage (and subsequently, the current/default index.php page as a new "site.php" page).  I've done some changes to the sys_page_compose_page database table (added the new "site" page) and to and sys_page_compose  switch the index/mod pages respectively in those database tables.  These changes are properly reflected in Page Builder where the proper page blocks are associated with the "homepage" and now "site" page.


However, for some reason, the mod's blocks are not showing when you actually go to the homepage in the browser, nor are the current/default index blocks showing in the site.php page.


Can't figure out what else to do.


If you can finish the conversion...let me know.

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I can work it out if you need any help. Just send me a message for a help

Best regards
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