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Crowdfunding module with paypal adaptive payments integration.

I need something that would allow me to setup 'crowdfunding' such as on indiegogo.com

Not kickstarter...

the difference - KS will only pay out when all money is raised. this acts as a 'deposit' account which is not always legal in some countries. 

IGG pays out as donations are made.


The main feature needed is paypal adaptive payment integration.

This allows admin to set a % that they keep for each micro payment or donation made.


For example admin set to keep 10%

a fundraiser is set up for £100


someone donates £100

paypal will auto split 10/90 and pay £10 to admin, £90 to fundraiser.

This is done by paypal AS the payment is processed, not post.


Module needs normal membership integration, timeline/outline integration.


Needs to allow adding 'rewards' as in KS and IGG

rewards need to have rewards name - rewards amount - reward info - due date - and limited number.


When you click 'donate' to a fundraiser, you then select the amount from the pre-set rewards list. 

If a reward is set to a limited number, this automatically registers as would show as '1 taken' or something like that under the reward listing.


Progress indicator for amount raised so far.




YobiLab21st of February 2013bid: $1500  timeframe: 15 daysPermalink
Hello, very good idea indeed. We can help you building this module. The above quote is just for you to know how much the creation of this module will cost based on the given details, but we will have to discuss it further and make a project before giving you a precise quote. I'll send you a PM with more info about us and our work. Regards. Subdir - Boonex Top Trader and Bosun.
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