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Custom Browse Page Blocks / Results

Currently, Dolphin has a pretty wack Browse results page ex:

If i clicked the Holiday Events Hyperlink on my site, it will re direct me to:


But there isnt any order, not to mention Browse pages only have 1 block


I am looking for the ability to have blocks on the browse page. Similar to :


Take notice to the ability to search by category by selecting different tabs, as well as the list being a some sort of order.


Now when you select category : New Years Eve, it displays the following:


Notice how everything is based around only New years eve events.


I want a page on my sitefor New years, Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve etc.. to display ONLY News Years Eve, etc.. events that are perhaps categorized from ue30's Events


So a page would be custom with its own block with custom ad, block with events based on that events category, tags, block . Its really that simple.


Of COurse id like to make it by genre, price range etc. Not sure if thats all possible


I have a pretty good site, and its ready for mass promotion, I just feel its still lacking basic features that my competitors already

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please contact me for more information...
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