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Custom Dolphin setup and modules

We are looking for some custom aspects and modifications to the Dolphin platform. The first phase is to create what we have called an eMentor module, facilitating one-on-one and group mentoring settings. The module needs to display the following:

- Whiteboard for drawing and collaboration

- Video conferencing and broadcasting

- Chat

- Project or course name

- Live and pre-recorded courses

- Section for sharing resources

- Section with Mentor profile, including name, picture, short bio, link to resume, etc.

- Section displaying other projects and courses.


Phase 2 we want to develop the following:

  • Users will be listed as one or more of the following: e-mentor, protege, sponsor. Each would need a dashboard or other way to view relationships and associate tasks. For example: An e-mentor will need to see the proteges he or she is mentoring, and be able to individually and in group communicate to them.
  • The resume section is desired to function much like the resumes do in LinkedIn.
  • Modify or integrate the ad module to allow for sponsor ads and partner “malls”.
  • Set up a crowdfunding solution with functionalities similar to (minus their business development tools).
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This is a major project. How are you proposing we go about the work, retainers, hourly rate?
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