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Customization or Module for Dolphin 7

The website is already developed. We need minor customization or a module for our boonex 7 website. We require anyone that is interested in doing the project to sign a confidentiality agreement while negotiating the bid on the project.


This is an agreement between registered Trade Mark and Selected Programmer.

Programmer agrees to not discuss or share any information
regarding the project to anyone and to keep all corresponding
information completely confidential and that it will only be
discussed between the two parties. Partners and Board Members are
Michele Valenti, Sandra Milano and Patrick Nelson,
Located in the United States with business address of
Unit 1089, Athens, NY 12015.

Michele Valenti has legal permission to negotiate upon
Behalf of all partners.

If project is agreed upon between both parties, any
customization or module produced by Programmer
for it is agreed upon that all rights,
trade marks or copy rights are the exclusive
rights to agrees to pay 25% down payment
to selected programmer and the remainder upon
completion of project.

If Programmer does not produce any work
after receiving the 25% down payment, Programmer
agrees to refund immediately.

By Submitting this document via electronic transmission
with the full name of parties involved and signing and
initialing the "I accept" makes this a valid legal contract
nationally and internationally.

This is a legal binding contract and if you do not understand
the contract, you must consult an attorney before signing.

________________________________ ______ I accept/_____ I do not accept Date:

Michele Valenti Partner

________________________________ ______ I accept/_____ I do not accept Date:

No bids so far.
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May help if you told people what the job entails? If people dont know then they cant bid.
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