mihaiadrModificationmodification, design, custom, module$50-1001 bids$90 average bid19th of July 2012

Customize and modify Dolphin

Customize and modify Dolphin in order to be able to create an album containing photos, videos and sounds (all together in one album).

martino23rd of July 2012bid: $90  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
I can do this customization for you. pm when you are ready.
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just to make it clear, I'd need a new module that should allow adding photos, videos and sound. Module should be integrated and delivered into the standard Dolphin installation package.
Do you have any references of your previous work with php and Dolphin framework?
Can you define the effort including the time-frame to accomplish the work?
If you'd prefer can mail or chat at xtbogdan@yahoo.com.
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