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Customized individual pages

I need to be able to create a number of NEW pages on my site, but to resize them so they are 320px width.

The default dolphin pagebuilder will only allow 744 width minimum


I then need to not have the top menu display on these pages only. Not to effect any other page on the site though.


These new pages will idealy be able to be created using normal page builder, so I can add pageblocks as normal to them.


If this can be done within pagebuilder that would be ideal.

If its not possible to do this within page builder, then I could look at a custom job from scratch for making these pages. 


Not an urgent job, probably looking at early 2012, but will need to find the right developer for this soon.



No bids so far.
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hi, I am looking for an experienced dolphin tech to help me with my website ..first of all I will like to delete a member profile ..how do I do that ..I remember I have to go to a control panel and put in my password ..but I have forgotten the address ..Please help
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