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Desktop App

This is a non-issue now as the Desktop app installed just fine upon update. Please delete or disregard this post.


I'm a Mac user, so I can't evidently set up the Desktop App (since it requires PC?). I tried to get one of my Admins to deal with it on her PC, but it didn't work and I have no idea what went wrong.


So after months of hoping that it would magically set up itself, I've decided that I need someone who knows how to set up the Desktop App to do it for me. My site is active and working fine, it just needs the App set up and installed so that my users can access the Desktop App option.


Thanks, Sue

nguvu11th of July 2011bid: $80  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
I'm sure we can figure it out, you can pay me after or whatever. I would like to see what issue you are having in case I need to work it out for myself later on. Let me know. Matthew
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