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Dolphin Boonex. Interface to manage multiple installations from this one interface for the admin

I would like to use Boonex Dolphin

I want to make many installations on the same server or several servers. Each will have its own domain. They are all of the same nature and genre. However I need administration capabilities to manage all of these installations from one interface instead of having to login into each domain.

For example if I have a forum on each dolphin installation and someone submits a report of bad language used on a post I want to get this information in that one interface no matter which domain it is. Or for example uploads a picture that needs to be approved. I want to log in into this interface and be able to approve all the pictures across all the domains, not log in separately to each one.

So basically this interface most likely look like the normal interface except it would query all the database tables of all the domains instead of just one domain. I would specify which domain I will log into and there this interface will reside where I can connect to all the database tables at once and do what is necessary instead of separate logins across all the domains(I might have many domains so this would be a problem).

Now everything must come out in the same table so all the images needing to be approved will be in the same table, not like table 1 for domain 1, table 2 for domain 2. I want table x for domain1,2.......1000.

Remember I only want to log into one domain and get all the info. something like


and get all the info compiled together for

.....and so on.

and also have the capability to act on this information/to change things etc.



Now, I dont mean database table I mean the table that is in the user interface for the admin meaning all information for lets says approving images comes out together and if I say approve then it queries the corresponding database and inserts true for approve for example.

As far as what is necessary I need the sites to all have different data. This data is only attributed to this particular site. In other words all the users from domain1.com can only talk to other users from domain1.com, they only post on each others pages not on domain2.com for example. All the data is separate. One way to do this is to add an extra variable to each mysql table that specifies the site in question and put an index on it for faster database access, the other way is to have all separate tables for each domain. So domain1.com has 20 tables and domain2.com has 20 tables etc. And the interface queries all of them and put the info together for me and then if i act on the info the appropriate table is used and the information is changed there. I would prefer it be this second way because it allows for faster access since the data is more normalized and it allows for me to later put lets say 100 sites on one server at a certain ip and put 100 sites on a second server at a certain other ip and then access both of them on this interface by connecting to the appropriate database on a given ip. So working in remote access to databases not on localhost would also be good. In addition I think it would be easier for you since the databases remain the same the only changes that are necessary is that the interface must find a way to connect to all the databases and query all of them and then respond with the action taken by me the admin.

Finally, the idea and modules used on all the sites would be exactly the same. The only thing different is the colors, name, logo and possibly the on screen layout. The installations would all have the same modules.

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$500-$100 = nothing
more like $50.000-$100.000k ;)
something similar has to manage multiple drupal sites, but dolphin is far for this would require major core changes
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