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Drip-Content Module / Scheduled Delivery of Content for Member Retention

I don't even know if this exists - but I am looking for a way to drip content (in the form of both written content like articles and PDF files) into Dolphin using sequential scheduling.  I was hoping for a module that someone could install but maybe there is a way to tweak Dolphin to schedule/rotate content.


The problem I am having is that members sign up, get what they want, then leave the site.  Even if I uploaded and downloaded content manually, the sequences would be off because some members have been around longer than others.  I either need to be able to drip content to them on a weekly basis or just force them to buy everything a la carte so I don't lose money.  I would prefer to drip the content to keep them around and coming back for more.


WordPress sites use something called WP Drip (see to accomplish this.


I have put a lot into my Dolphin site and do not want to start over with a WordPress site for this one reason alone.


Ideally, members would get a new article/PDF file every week.  New members would start with "Article #1" and go from there.  Older members might be on "Article #24" because they have been around longer.  I do not want both old and new members getting the same article each week.  I hope that makes sense.

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Just an oppinion, but for $27.99 a month I would want more than drip feeding. I would want functionality that was totaly unique. Is there nothing that your site can do for your customers better than anyone else? if you can find this you have it cracked,
Hey, have you gotten any responses on this? I am looking for the exact same thing.
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