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Email Accounts for Members


I have unlimited email accounts avaiable on my cpanel account, and I know im not going to use that many. so my concept of what I want to do is to provide a free email account to everyone who signs up for my website ,  similar to how you can have a facebook email account. For example there email would read This will be a additional feature to the already inbox provided by the dolphin software. So what I am looking for is someone who knows how to write a email script that will allow users to sign up for a free email account for my website which will be linked to my cpanel. I hope I have described this correctly and whoever reads this understands the intent clearly. Please reply back for concerns or instrest. Thanks

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I think you would need warehouse full of servers? but if you do get this up and running... i want one too.
You need separate stack of servers to have this implemented and working successfully for years.
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