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expert expert in boonex 7.0.6 or better in all modules

We need an expert. an expert. someone who can finish fast and perfectly.


We are almost in the end of  go-live of our social networking website. We need a professional programmer who can come on board , understand the changes required and show immediate actions to get them completed.

We prefer and expert with fastest turnaround time. The budget is open. This posting is on other market places, the best bid will get the job. It is quality and deadline we are interested in.

If you are not an expert in all phases and requirement please do not reply. We need to upgrade to whatever the best that is available.


this is a summary, we have 60 pages of color and requested points and arrows to exactly show what we are requesting. but below is just some of the points. :



·         In the Wall, Sounds, Video, Files, Groups, Events, Classifieds, Blogs, Forum and Articles Problems:

o   Record a video comment does not work and takes Much too long to save and process

o   Upload video files does not work and takes Much too long to upload and process

o   Upload sound files does not work and takes Much too long to upload and process

o   The time it takes to do any of the above actions, needs to be cut down by at least 75% (so that it needs to take ¼ of the time it takes right now to do the above actions).

Update : all these points are working but take a time due to server slow performance.


·         In the Wall, Sounds, Files, Classifieds, Blogs (?), (Forum & Articles ?)

o   Automatic refresh of the page does not work

Update : Work in Progress




·         In the Wall, Sounds, Video, Files, Groups, Events, Classifieds, Blogs, (Forum and Articles ?)

o   The happy face icon sometimes does work and sometimes does not work.

Update :editor script not properly loaded due to server slow performance.



·         In the Files, Groups, Events,

o   The Broadcast, Subscription , and in the other two invitation/join features do not work properly.

Update : Working Properly(Tested)



·         In the Wall, Personals, Events, Files, Classifieds, Blogs, (Forum and Articles ?)

o   The comments made by Safari do not show anywhere, in the 4 Browsers.

Update:working in progress

o   The personals chat will not let Safari write any comments.

       Update:Working  Properly(Tested)




·         As best that I remember, with the Internet Explorer 8, in the Videos, Files (cannot attach Any files or add comments), Personals (Chat invite box will not close).  I have been told by Michael that, people will have the up to date version of the Internet Explorer.  So we need to be sure that it is functional with the current version of IE (which is IE 8). Once compatible with IE 8, then IE 7 will also recognize the features and modules of the website properly. 

Update : Testing(Work in progess)



·         In the Classifieds, the purchase feature and the emailing of successful bid to poster of the classifies not yet working.

o   Email notification sent from buyer to seller is not working.

o   The price in the classifieds is not properly showing.

Update : Done



·         In Events, the Firefox Browser cannot upload any sound files.

Update : Working Properly(Tested)



·         Instant Video/Chat, the video and sound do not work very well so that it is nearly useless.

Update : Testing(Work in progress)


·         In the Personals, the input and search the fields are not yet there.

Update : Done


·         In the Boards, cannot save the Boards drawing when there are two or more people that have worked on the drawing.

Update : Working Properly(Tested)


·         In the personals, everyone who becomes a member is automatically in the list of the people looking for someone in the personals (so that members who are not looking for a person in personals will show up in search results anyways).

Update : Please explain more


·         The search feature is not properly working in the different modules.

Update : Testing(Work in progess)


·         Multiple key term search function not yet available.

Update : Done(its  only working in Blogs)


·         Expand all comments feature in the various modules is not yet functional.

Update : working in progress


·         Emails are being sent out to the member’s outside email address when they sign up for different things throughout the website.

Update : Done

The icon on the bottom right of the pages in the whole site, shows the number for All of the emails that the member received or sent and not just the new ones.

Update : Done



• We  need to remember that the Instant Video/Chat in is extremely important. We also spoke about this yesterday.

• We still need to please set up the section for advertisers in .net.

• We still need to please put the advertising banners inside the .net.

• I still need to please track the member communications/ postings/ login/ password/ profile info /email, etc…in the back panel for each member and be able to block, limit or remove the member or whatever, comment or posting or file or classified or personal or of whatever kind they have posted.

• We still need to please make sure that .net is https secure without any pop-up messages.

• Michael had spoken with you regarding the website’s security measures that are to be implemented (please refer to the communication you had with Michael. Thank you)

• We need to please make sure the program compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and not just the other three browsers.

• We need to let members know that the iPhone / smart phone / Android version

• We need to please have the notice paragraph that Michael had said, which tells the member that the site is Restricted To Adults Only.

• We need to please have all the avatars from the back panel available for members to use.

• We need to please have a clone link to .net and back to .com.

• In the contact us page, we need to have the live chat.



And much more…….



No bids so far.
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