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Flag the duds

I would like a module that flags poorly rated material and notifies admin via email when a pre-determined number of ratings is reached. This would apply to all content that is available for rating by a member.

⦁    Admin sets the level of rating to be flagged (one star, two star, etc)
⦁    Admin sets the percentage of members who submit that rating to trigger the flag
     (XX% of members rate the content at the pre-determined level)
⦁    Admin determines email(s)  to receive the notification of poor performance
⦁    File name and File Path of poorly rated content are included in the notifications to admin

I'm assuming that little to no useful information will be provided by the members as to why they gave the content the poor rating.  ("Didn't like it" or "looks stupid" isn't specific enough to be very helpful.)

I'm also assuming that if a certain percentage of my members don't like an article, game, recipe or whatever, chances are that internet searchers won't either, so doing all the work to get the content recognized by search engines will be for naught.

No bids so far.
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Job is taken, thanks!
The person hired for this was unable to complete it. This mod is still very much desired!
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