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forum posts/new/videos/etc. via facebook and/or twitter or any other social media options

I want to be able to share my forum posts/pictures/videos/news/etc. on facebook/twitter.  i know this is a social share mod, but thus far, there isn't a way where i can share each individual forum entry should i want to.  as far as pictures, i can share photo pics but i doesn't show up as a pic on facebook, but a generic entry...


please take the time to visit my site and go to the forums section and looks around.  just want a simple social share section for that particular article like many other sites have.  let me know if you have any questions.  thanks.


please advise.  thanks so much

YobiLab21st of February 2013bid: $800  timeframe: 7 daysPermalink
Hello, in order to do what you want you can't simply use a social share module. You must integrate your website with Facebook and Twitter APi in order to share each individual post and to share images on these platforms. We are Facebook and Twitter APIs expert. Just send me a PM to discuss it further is you wish. Subdir - Boonex Top Trader and Bosun
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