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Global Localization - site content 'filter by country' mod needed !

Im looking for possibilities for the following.

Something similair to adminmysite's mod 'global localization' which allows you to select a country, then the sites content is filtered by that selection. It appears though that this mod will only filter profiles, ads and events as this is all thats listed in the mod listing, as well as the website for the mod developer. 


I have tried contacting the mod developer adminmysite for custom work but have had no reply so posting here to other offers!


I need a mod that will allow me to select a country and then filter ALL site content to that country.

This will need to filter site members (browse.php), all boonex mods (groups, events, etc) as well as other mods such as Modzzz business listings, classifieds etc...


In all, it would need to include around 10 mods to filter. 


Work will need to be done fairly soon

Anyone can help, please supply a quote by pm or any questions etc....


adminmysite if you read this, please check your mail!



No bids so far.
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Hope you get this or it gets put in the market. it sounds very useful.
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