bongmanFixingmodification, fixing modsOpen budget0 bids$0 average bid7th of October 2011

Highly Modded Dolphin 7.0 requires assistance fixing some broken modules

We have a fairly highly modded dolphin website and we are now coming across some issues in our website.. I would like to find someone who would be interested in becoming part of a team. We are The Smoke Out Family worldwide and we are all just here to have some good times. There is $ in this job offer but if $ is your main priority then this will most likely not be something you are interested in. Please contact me anytime if you'd like to chat :) 


I will be mainly requiring help in the mysql database and I would like to hopefully find someone who knows how to bridge the members database from our main website onto our smaller sub sites... Thanks for you time :) Keep it lit and stay high my friends.



No bids so far.
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I can help you my skype is "expertzkris"
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