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I'm seeking a developer to enhance basic store module

my request is : 

1. integration with paypal payment, 


2.sales report for admin according to each shoper, each shoper can also view his sales report 

3. homepage block group : Popular, Recent, Newest, Featured, Most Reviewed, Most Ranked, Most Shared, Bestselling, Discount, Recently Viewed,  Also bought 


4.Default referral module has a button on store's each product page including tracking ID for every member to easily refer, and generating html code can be pasted anywhere (including facebook), they don't need to register a referral account or seek product with fill keyword


5.Product page's tabs switch : 

bought  by | fans | shared by | related merchandise | designed by | brand brief | showed from fans' photo | related blogs | sold amount |  referred by
6. Fans profile page's  product  tabs switch : fans can decide to personally turn on or off  these tabs  

 bought  | favorites | shared | merchandise in fans' photos ( including referral ID to buy forvisitor) | related blogs | referred | reviewed | exchange items ( fans only can exchange goods, he/she can't sale in store )

6.1 merchandise in fans' photos ( including referral ID to buy forvisitor) can be commented

6.2 merchandise in fans' photos can include it's product image, briefing info, and link to product page
6.3 merchandise in fans' photos  list also can be set up in facebook page with iframe by user

7.Product can be published to forum,group 

8.product's photos' size can be set up in small ,medium,big size

9.product can be preordered

10, product can be set promotional code 

11. only brand or designer account can sale merchandise in store, fans can't sale in store

12.brand or designer product's main page :
tabs  : 

works :  favorited by  | shared by | related merchandise | related blogs |  referred by

merchandise : 

blog: favorited by  | shared by | related merchandise | referred by


13.product's main page can be layouted with switched tabs block controlled by tabs block group editor  

14.facebook comment for product, fans, dsigners, brand .... 

No bids so far.
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let me know if you still need help cheers!

please give a quotation, thanks a lot
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