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I need a paid to click system into http://busimatch.com

Hello, what i need.

A sort of plugin that people can share links and click on pictures that i choose (banners)

and then they get modzzz credit or point system.

I want that every members do 10 tasks (or what i choose in back office) ... 10 x  share link or click on banner so the link goes open.

Each time a member do this, they get 10 B-coins 'credits or the name of my choice. (B-coins is http://busimatch.com)

On the end of the week, i want a sort of lotery, random 1 person is choosen and get 100 or 1000 b-coins of my choice.

This for the 5 first persons... This must be added to their profile automatically.

Thank you.

No bids so far.
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Nobody? they say..p post it in Job, but after 24h, nothing.....
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