mayzfieldtvModificationmodification, template, design, custom, moduleOpen budget2 bids$2600 average bid10th of September 2013

I need an estimate.

I need Dolphin to look and function exactly like SEX.COM I need an estimate on how much this would cost. Basically it would be an exact clone of SEX.COM built on Boonex software. This is more than a template creation. This might take some real work. I believe this can be done by seriously modifying the outline. So what is the price? There is a forum topic on this here:

YobiLab12th of September 2013bid: $2700  timeframe: 20 daysPermalink
Hello, Based on your job details this is my quote. I am one of the Boonex top traders with over 1000 points from years and Boonex bosun. Let me know if you are interested talking with me about this job. Waiting to hear from you. Diego
pixelsofa14th of September 2013bid: $2500  timeframe: 30 daysPermalink
Some items will depend on how you want them to layout, but in general this would take @15 + days to code out, and leave some time for testing and integration
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