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I need an RMS inmtalled on my VPS

Hello I need an RMS (red5) installed on my VPS. I have full access to everything and all rights. Don't have tons of cash, but would sure like this done and soon. Please send me a quote.

No bids so far.
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I know what I put in as a budget for this job, but if your bid does not fall in that range, it may still beconsidered.

I'm hoping to find someone that knows RMS installs as I hear they are simple for those who know what they are looking for.

Thanks for considering this job,

Shouldnt your host provider do this for you for FREE? I have never had to pay my host to do this for me.
They want $79 to install it and said they cant be sure that it will work, as they don't know Boonex software.
Can do it for you within 24 hours for 30 bucks. Pm Me the details so i can start . You can pay when completed.
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