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I need this asap

i am serious i need a beat mod . were i can upload a mp3 and visitors may listen to the mp3 and have choice links to buy and if they choose to purchase mp3 then it will automatically send them to pay pal after buying mp3 it will send a download and also download link in there mail on the site


how this works:

  • admin can upload mp3 beat upload picture upload and upload the actual file for the download
  • member can listen to beat by clicking on the play button. not like the current sound mod but plays the mp3 play back on the play button
  • member can buy beat from pay pay using the buy now icon   beat will be known as available
  • after purchasing beat member will be linked to download that beat and noted to check message in mail for confirmation
  • the beat that was purchase will be marked as sold automatically
  • The beats will appear in a vertical stage like soundclick .com rating from beast being number one and so on.
  • categories of beats on side bar
  • members can also add there own beat for a charge per beat  once they  add their own beat they are avalible to do the same as admin on that beat only modify and edit but cannot add another beat only one beat per charge they may charge any fee for their beat and recive there payment through pay pal.
  • all members beat will be in a seperate block from admin beats because beats from me are the main course lol

i am serious about this mod i need someone to direct me so i can get a good mod out of this please email me with advice going to be using dolphin 7.9



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Pm me if you still need help we can talk also thru skype at expertzkris. ty
This can be achieved using various flash widgets and third party products. I have seen it done a couple of times.
I can do this. david 954-634-7709
This is a very good idea :)
We can help you with this :)
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