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Immediate modifications and fixes needed


We are USA based mom & pop website that is developing a dating site that is based on Bonnex Dolphin 7.x.


Dolphin and RMS are installed and working, however, there are some modifications we need to the code base and database. Plus we need some general consulting on the function and operation of Dolphin.




1.     Long-term developer/troubleshooter relationship.

2.     We need a better understanding of the default Dolphin features.

3.     To re-organize the main menu bar and sub-menus.

4.     Start modifying Dolphin to our specific needs and specifications.

5.     Troubleshoot features that use the default Dolphin RMS, i.e video, chat.

6.     Modify RMS related features for a more simplified look and less complicated use.



1.     MUST be very strong and have a lot of experience in modifying the Dolphin code base and database, preferably in version 7 of Dolphin.

2.     MUST have and can prove previous experience modifying dating sites, preferably Dolphin.

3.     MUST be highly experienced in PHP 5, css, RMS (Ray Media Service), jquery, mySQL, etc and skilled in current programming standards.

4.     MUST be able to provide references of previous Dolphin clients.



Time Frame:

1.     Immediate or sooner




1.     At first hourly then combinations of hourly and/or piecework.

2.     All payments through escrow




1.     Bid an hourly rate and estimated amount of time need to complete task one below.

2.     If task number one goes smoothly, you will be provided specifications to complete a sub-set of task two.

a.     For example, you will be asked to take 1 to 3 sections of the main menu and/or sub-menu items and start modifying them to our specifications. Such as, modifying how the Profile page, Messages main page and sub-pages look: inbox, sent, etc.

No bids so far.
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here is the rest of the post:

1. Clean up the user main menu and sub menu bar
a. We need an experienced Dolphin administrator to walk us through each feature in the main menu and sub-menu so that we can better understand what each feature does.
b. While reviewing the features with us in real time, make changes in real time to the order and title of each feature.

2. The features that remain in the main menu and sub-menu bar need to be redesigned to our specifications:
a. Specifications see more to follow.
i. For example:
1. Changes might consist of simple code changes to fork-lifting the code and database
2. Changes to html, xhtml, css , php and graphics, etc.
3. Adding css3 functionality to menus
4. Changing default Dolphin page layouts
5. Changes to the Dolphin theme
6. Adding and removing new fields to the database
hi I am ready to help,
I will send you message with more information about my skills,
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