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In search of a all round specialist for my art and music community/charity

Hi there,

I am in search for a dolphin all rounder. you are bidding on a 2 step development plan of my  domain and a long term commitment for maintenance of this website. So your bid should cover both steps and your monthly fee for the maintenance once everything is up and running.

Step 1

activation and setting up properly my existing module ( I use all of them)

Change the skin

set up the advertising tools

Step 2

setting up a biding system 


setting up a shop system for the users to sell their goods

removal of inactive users and or spam

security for blogs with blacklist

setting up affilate system

setting up membership levels with reward system

installing of a multi language tool and translation as the page is international

upgrading video and chat including more choice of avatars

this are so far the basics.

Now the maintaining part:

pruning of blogs,forums etc, support aka broken links and emergency help if the page goes down. Basicll need someone to keep the website safe. Any new requiered features will be paid extra.

Thanks Catharina

No bids so far.
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We are ready to do this job. Please check PM for more details
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