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Job Description, Can You Do This??

Ok, lets start! I am wanting a good keen developer to start from scratch a template which will facilitate a community meeting website. This will be a simple site but with the following points. The site needs to be accessible to all people within a geaographical location.

The service needs to be logged in by an higher level member preferebly the chair of the meeting and open it, giving a specific time limit for people/public/members to join-Countdown. After countdown the meeting is locked down and view only is available.

Users who join have to be registered in a very simple format, in order to receive updates of progress in between meetings. The Chair presents the last meeting notes, for everyone to read in an easy format but whilst still being able to read the comments of others.

Possibly a booklet flip graphic in the side bar? The chair has the possibility to check posts on screen before submitting these for public viewing to the other members.

Nice graphical icons to identify public, chair, and statutory partners.

Big warning banner displayed to others that any abuse criminal activity will be reported to local authorities and IP's are stored. Chair goes through the last meetings documents and then goes through the current agenda methodically.

Each question/action is raised and then presented to the members to reply, quickest finger first. Whilst along this it shows all other users who is asking the question and that the 'named individual' (first names only) is currently typing.

Chair presents this to the appropriate members/partners to answer, all other typing is barred for everyone else. Then answered by the nominal and an opportunity firstly for the questioner to reply, then chair places out to everyone else,

Again a bubble popping up advising of respondee typing. The site needs to be able to facilitate an area say...Yorkshire, Uk.

Members will then log in and enter zip code to find out what and when their meetings are scheduled, countdown clock unti next scheduled meeting.

Additionally access to previous meeting notes and the ones they attended. Actions/Outcomes: 'we asked' 'you said' 'we did' format?

Another accessible page to view local priorities set and agreed by the chairperson. Priorities will be a traffic light system Red Amber Green. This fully dependant on what resolutions feedback is received.

I know this is quite a task, but everything is possible. I do know some coding myself but are limited as to how far I can go with this.

This job needs to go to the right Developer and someone who I can trust to deliver the results required. It maybe that work will be ongoing for the right candidate regarding updates, modifications which will be naturally requested by the clients as and when this is rolled out.

I do appreciate that Boonex may not be the ideal software so any suggestions on an alternative open source would be good!!

Any reasonable offer will be considered, I hope this makes sense and look forward to your offers, Thank You for reading.

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We can do it with no problems.
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