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Job in USA

4 Job offer

i want some body that i can talk on the phone to explain how i want my job with every detail

the jobs are

1: update dolphin

2: upgread  the join where it say profile type.

3: i want the chat that i can edit my self Pages Blocks.

4:a down load booton for the mp3 and photos in the side the i want to be download so can people down load  the mp3 and photos from my website

there are more things that need work but i dont have it on mind  i would post it when i get the chance


5: translation to all lenguage


p.s. i need somebody that i can talk to on the phone so i can explain it better in USA

my website is http://www.unanuevaproduccion.com

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I am available to chat in skype to talk about the project my id is "expertzkris". ty
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