dockjobcrewDesignmoduleOpen budget1 bids$100 average bid25th of May 2014

Job Modul

I would like to buy a job modul for 7.1 that allow the employer to control what levels of members can see his contact details.



I am using the job modul by Mozzzz and I would like to have modification so I can control what levels of membeship can see the contact details of the employers and what levels of membership can not see the employers details.

Or ..

If you have a modul that can allow me to post jobs and control the visibility of the diferent levels membership would be great... 



mymangoes25th of May 2014bid: $100  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
Send me the full requirements to I'll reply with phone number and skype user Miami based boonex expert with years of verifiable experience, thank you.
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