simzeborDesignmoduleOpen budget1 bids$1200 average bid19th of February 2011

job offer for sms and voip call module on dolphin

I am looking for a developer, who can handle the below development

1 .. sending sms to PSTN  (members sending per day to be regulated thru admin)

2... making calls (members are able to make normal voip calls via the portal if the member has credit to make such call)


basically, webdialer will be required for the members to make such calls within, such as the similar one present in GMAIL, call phone options

YobiLab19th of February 2011bid: $1200  timeframe: 19 daysPermalink
This is an interesting and difficult job, and we are able to complete it.
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these guyz are good and cheap and very professional .

as we have done some jobs with them.

YobiLab, you are able to complete it, pls give further details
Magic123, what job have you done with those non-boonex website member?
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