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Last settings before site can go live


We are in the final stages of our site, we only have a few more things to do, and we need some assistance to wrap up this project. Our Client Site: Gate Models... The site we are trying to mimic: Hot Russian Brides

  1. If you are logged in as a male, then you must only see female profiles, and visa versa! Very Important. The site is mainly for men to chat to woman, so we have already set the home page to only show woman, but we need this to be uniform once you have logged in!
  2. We need the credits system to work when a man chats with one of our ladies... eg 10 credits / minute... We have the credits system already working with gifts and flirts etc, however a member should also be charged per time frame...
  3. Search box must not show male or female selection when logged in... if you are a male, then it must automatically search females and visa versa...

This should be a real breeze for an experienced boonex coder... unfortunately our expertise only lie in Joomla...

Please note that this is all we have to still do to finalize this site, so we need this done asap.

No bids so far.
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Hi, im interested to work with you with regards to this issues. Please email me at droidee.android@gmail.com. thanks.
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