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Limit actions for non-members

I need new mod to limit actions for non-member users.
I need to set limits for:
-viewing photos
-viewing videos
-viewing pforiles
For example only 10 photos views and 2 video views and 20 profile views for unregistred users during 1 session or 24 hours. Limit for session is easier way i think. When limit has been reached there should be text message like "You should register for viewing more" instead of photo, video or profile, but comments and other content should be available.

Admin should have access to change parameters which limits views.
At same time all search engines bots should not have these limits.

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is possible to do this with the standard dolphin module of Membership..
go on
and limit actions for non-member users.
if you need help contact me :) Best Regards, Giovanni
Hello! It does not work in 7.1.1 As I know there is no non-user tracking in dolphin. Admin can only allow or disallow any actions for non-members.
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