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Live Video like Hangouts/Parachat/Vokle inspired mod

In a nutshell

I need a mod that allows members to host live video events.  Other logged in users can join and watch the live video event controlled by the host.  The guest to the video event can participate in chat only or as their own video feed (like Google Hangouts) depending on the hosts selected options.  Every event should be scheduled 12 hours ahead of time or so to be viewable on the schedule .  Once the host schedules an event others can easily see what time a live video event will be hosted.  They should be able to look at a calender of scheduled events and be able to click the event to see who the host is and other details.  Guest can watch but can not join in. Perhaps all that stuff is best managed with member level permissions. A time slot can be scheduled per hour and then it can not be obtained by another during the same slotted time unless the original host cancels their schedule. 2 events can run at the same time if one is private (invite only) and the other is public. Everyone can join the room and the event does not go live until the host clicks to start it.  If I can not have google hangout type of function where users can all launch a webcam feed then I would still be happy with just the host having video feed and everyone else in a text chat environment interacting with the host.  Typing as I think here so also, I would like it so every time slot



1. Video Feeds use the users connection to one another rather than bandwidth for video feed.

2. Participants have attractive chat features to assist them in the event.

3. **No Core Changes (This ensures the mod will live on through updates of Dolphin or should the author vanish)

4. Video ad choices to be played before the live event starts. 

5. Ability for author to schedule commercial breaks (selected from a list of commercials provided)  This gives the author an opportunity to refresh or take a quick restroom break.

6. It would be great if mobile viewers could watch as well (So Flash might not be the best choice)

7. Hosts to have options to be invite only, public, etc.

8. Be able to share scheduled events to social networks.


**I understand if any of this is possible by an experienced person some items may have to be reduced or cut to manage a plausible project.

**A working demo will be expected prior to agreed payment.


To get a better understanding, here is a website that does most of this already  The difference is that I want mine to be completely integrated into Dolphin.  I am inquiring for a all inclusive module however, I am open to the author market sharing the module for reduced project cost.  This is up to the author.  If I obtain an a private copy I do not intend to see it in the market after.  


This request does not detail a full breakdown of functionality and features but I believe it supplies a good understanding to offer bids if any authors are interested.  I look forward to answering any questions and hopefully hearing from some serious hard working individuals. 


**There is no time crunch.  There is plenty of time to do this right with no rush. Thanks!


No bids so far.
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