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Locations Module modifications

Looking for someone who can modify the Locations module on our Dolphin 7.0.9 site. The modifications desired are outlined below. anyone interested, pls repy with your price.


Extra field: Opening Hours This field would require the ability to “add more lines” eg if weekends are different hours, we would need to have the ability to provide different hours. This field will also need to be searchable so that for example if it is after 10 PM and someone wants to find a place that is still open, they can.

Extra field: Phone number

Extra field: Address This field would need to be searchable.

Extra field: Website

Remove existing / required fields: Country, State, City. As mentioned, Singapore is a small place, and all locations are in one country / state / city.

Increase precision of locations map. The settings in the admin seem to allow only a whole number with no decimal places.  Our site is about Singapore, which is a small place. We can only enter latitude of 1 and longitude of 100 in the admin settings, instead of the decimal geocodes like 1.3068019537395403 and 103.8482666015625 which would precisely center the map on Singapore.

Radius Search: The current radius search asks for the user to type a city / state and select a radius up to 200 KM. 200 KM is far too big for Singapore, and we would like to narrow it down to radius choices with a max of five KM. also, instead of searching for a city or state (which would be removed per above) we would like to search based on the address field. IE – someone could search for 1-5 KM radius of “Orchard Road” What would be a dream come true is if the user could click on the map to set their location in Singapore, then select the radius up to 5 KM.

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hi i can do this. pm you my cost.
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