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Looking a dating site developer


I want to start a dating site with chat simultaneous translation capabilities for members. member should be able to set up mother language and the translation language they want to communique.

I will be using Boonex Prime - Dolphin software

I want to use this affiliate marketing software 

I would like to use chat translation software

- Members levels for example:  FREE member just can send and receive emails

                                              Level 1 member can have live chat

                                              Level 2 member can have live chat, voice, and video

I want :

- Dating site running in a server  READY TO START

- to put this all together and running (memberships levels, simultaneous chat translation for members, and affiliate marketing)

- easy to manage

Any recommendations?

No bids so far.
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contact me at so we can gather more info on eachother ... I am interested in doing this for u or with u ...... the fees we can figure out .... and i have a server to run it on i designed so check it out and u can see what i have done for myown social site although the dating aspect of my site runs in background and only targets single members then sends emails to other single members based on matching likes and dislikes then at 75 % match the emails are auto see more sent to both matching members .......
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