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Looking for a freelancer to help me out with my website, nothing works :(


I bought a Dolphin licence 6 months ago and my website has never worked... I bought it for my mum to open her business but nothing works and it's very urgent.
I'm a francophone freelancer and I mainly use the internet.
Here are the issues I'm facing:

- When I upload photos to my website, they don't appear
- No applications work: forums, blogs, chat,etc
- I can't type in any descriptions, neither articles. So basically, the only thing there is on my website is HTML text and links :/ My website:
I've contacted the company that hosts my website ( but they said I had to contact Dolphin. I did, but they didn't answer. I post messages on the Boonex forum but no one could help.
I would really appreciate your help, it's so urgent. Just give me a price and

Thank you very much.
Best regards

Lylian Angeline Kone

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im not seeing any of the issues on your site that you are speaking of. ive dropped a direct email to you
He did a great job and so mush money paid for after entering on our cpanel and add virusses.... Great jackass.
viruses why should i do that :)

The last time she responde on me after my work is :

Hi! :) It's Laura :)

Thank you for your help. I gave my mum all the details you gave :) She says thank you very much.

I've been busy trying to fill the website with articles to make the website more attractive.

Hope your friend's wedding was great!

Have a great day!
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