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Looking for co-founder to modify my Dolphin 7 site, for equity in company

  Back in 2007 I earned a Ph.D. in computer engineering, and am starting a few businesses based on Dolphin 7.  Currently I have the prototypes built using Dolphin 7 (along with my customized software).  I have also filed the necessary preliminary applications for patents.

  I am looking to partner up with another software developer, and create a business as co-founders.  At this point I have a few people working on the business plans.
  I have previous successful business experience. In 2001 I conceptualized, developed, and sold the first IR-based remote control for a type of discontinued Packard Bell hardware for use with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. I developed the device driver and sold each unit for a 400% profit.

No bids so far.
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