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Looking for some help!

I'm looking for a person, that can fix a few problems.


I have 1 "Server Audit" available, and would like to have that done.

I had dolphin 7.0.9 installed recently by a 3rd party, when i bought a new template, but I don't think he finished it completely.



1. Music/Video uploads, get stuck on the "upload" phase and don't progress to the info page.

2. Confirmation emails from dolphin to an external address aren't being delivered at all, for example the invites, upgraded memberships, approvals, etc. 

3. Ray Media Server not installed, need help with a new setup.

4. Error when uploading multiple photos, possible php settings, i've tried changing the file size and all that, but still getting an error. 

5. Once the server audit is performed, I'd like the recommendations taken care of and server optimized.


I really need to get these errors fixed ASAP!! So I can get my site up and running.





No bids so far.
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IF you dont have any members probably be easier to start over with a host like tmd hosting that has some free dolphin templates and install them for you. YOu could check with them about transfering your site to them for hosting.
Just wondering if you have found someone to help you or not.
Will Zell
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