thehillmodification, upgrades, installations, custom, moduleOpen budget0 bids$0 average bid19th of October 2010

looking for a pro.....

We are looking for someone to help take us across the finish line and keep us there...


Our list:

1. update to 7.0.3 with many mods that need to be accomodated for.

2. module duplication....we need to have the articles module duplicated and replicated for use as a CMS or would entertain a suggestion for a better method to create a content rich solution.

3.  Intergration of existing php base software with dolphin .


With this posting I hope to begin communication with indivduals that would like an opportunity to make some money today and tomorrow.


Please send me a message or post a comment and we can begin the proccess clearly defining our expectations and project requirements. 

No bids so far.
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I can do the professional upgrades just hit me an email with all the mods reinstalled properly.

Modloaded "Kris" here thank you.
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