billmondeiModificationmodification, module, customOpen budget1 bids$250 average bid28th of March 2013

Make banners appear on specific pages


I need a very simple mod: add a field in the Dolphin's admin-> banners page that would define where this banner is being showed.

The field would simply list all the existing Dolphin's pages. It would be cool if multi selection was allowed in that field. See attached (fabricated) screenshot.

I saw in the forum how to make this work if I want to allow the banner on all pages BUT some specific page. However I want to achieve the opposite - show the banner ONLY on a specific page.

Thank you!

Banners Job 

YobiLab29th of March 2013bid: $250  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
I ca realize this simple mod for you for the above quote. PM me if interested. Subdir - Boonex Bosun
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Thank you for your interest Yobi, but I was looking for something in the range of $10-$20...
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