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Modification to existing IBDW Modules

I am looking for someone to alter the existing behavoir of the IBDW PhotoDeluxe module in three ways. 

1 - I want the name of the photo on the computer it is being uploaded from to automatically be entered in the uploader so that people uploading many photos don't have to enter name after name.  The uploader should also be able to load all the files to the same album without having to hit "submit" for each one.

2 - Fix the script so that the select button appears in IE for uploading.  Currently no button appears so no one on IE can upload a photo.

3 - Return the function of the "organize" button in albums to the operation it has in the original Dolphin so that photos can be dragged and dropped to change their order.  Currently this button is used to mark and delete for some odd reason.

There may be some other small tweaks needed as well which will be handled on an as needed basis.


No bids so far.
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when you find someone to do this can you please let me know because i have the same mod and those updates/ modifications sound great.
Sure will, sad that we have to pay someone to rework a mod that we already paid for. You would think that IBDW would have the guts to at least acknowledge the issues with their mods and work at fixing them. They've gotten the last dime they will ever get from me.
I don't know the code for this module, but I think there is a chance that it may be encoded. I know much of the spywall code is encoded. If this is the case then the only person that could do the custom work would be ibdw.
Hello everyone,
this customer was been informed that we have decided to add the "order photos" to this module and for free (we have not required any extra). Also, as in the other modules, only the file for the activation and the license check are encrypted.
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