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Modification to the Upload of Videos, Photos, and Sound files

Good day,

I am looking for someone who could modify the current upload function for Videos, Photos, and Sound Files.

Currently only three choices exists for Videos:   Multiple Uploads, Record, Embed

I would like the upload to be modified to support:   Choose a file already on the server

This way I can upload my videos using SSH,  this would bypass limits imposed by PHP for example and quickly allow me to upload my videos.

Once I have uploaded my files manually using SSH, then I can go to the Video Upload page and choose a file already sitting on my server.   From there the file would be processing and encoded just as if it was uploaded choosing multiple uploads.

I think this could be a very useful and much needed addition considering the number of forum messages related to upload problems and issues.

Best regards


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I am interested in this project. PM me.
I have work with the uploader and file classes for Boonex. Send me a PM. Flat hourly rate.
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