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Modifications for Dolphin 6.1


  I have a Dolphin site which is 6.1 version called . I have a few problems with it. 


1) The zip code search is not working properly. When I put the zip code and choose the miles, it also shows the search result from overseas. Anyways it is not working properly. I need it to get fixed.  

2) Please go to and login using this info:

Username: mardewaghaee

Password: brucelee


After you login, just do a basic search and you will see the search result in details. You can also see the search result in a different way, just photos through the photos link which will show the search result photos and also some icons below it like contact, send a wink and so on. I need the search result of my site to have that photos option too so the search result would show up that way. 


3) When you login to my site on Actions page which you will see the link on top, I don't see the option that shows which members I sent e-mails to and if the opened it or not? The actions page should show that. I need it to get fixed.


Please send me a quote for each one of these options that how much would it be. 


Can I need to increase the size of the photos in the search result a little bit.?

Also is there a way that we could increase the loading speed of the site? It loads pretty slow.


If you need a user name and password to get in, you can user this:


Username: kathy

Password: 11111

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Ȋ̝̊̅̄ can do all the modifications you listed. Pm meri discuss more
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