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Module Tweaks.. MINOR

I have a few modules that I purchased on Boonex that need some tweaking - and I mean minor tweaks.


1.) IBDW's Spywall and Modzzz Gifts module:

At present, when you send a gift to a member on my website this is posted on the boonex standard spy wall. However, it doesn't show on IBDW's spywall. I need someone to tweak the module so that it also shows on IBDW's spywall.

2.) IBDW's Spywall and Modzzz Ultimate Points Module:

Modzzz Ultimate Points Module allows you to add actions to earn points such as add a forum post and earn 2 points or whatever. I need two new actions created (which is done in the admin panel) so when you post a message on IBDW's spywall, or comment on a post on the IBDW's spywall it will give you x amount of points.

I have taken a look at the 'Add an action' admin section and can't get my head around it.


I have MANY other things I need doing but these are the most important ones at the moment.

iHubHost1st of February 2012bid: $100  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
I may be able to do these for you, I would expect to have these completed within 1 - 2 days, please message me for more information.
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