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**Need Boonex Dolphin Expert**

I am in the middle of finishing my dating website with boonex dolphin.  I need a expert programmer with knowledge of dolphin to do changes to my site.  I have attached a pic of the first change that I want.  Please review the change and give me a price.  You may only apply if you are a expert with dolphin.  Also you must be able to communicate with skype and must speak english.  There will be more programming if the price is right and the work is done perfect and in a timely manor.



Tom L

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Ive been waiting for someone but cant find anyone yet, Every developer wants to communicate anonymously. Its so snobbish. Its almost like they don't have an identity. If there is anyone other who can do quality programming with expertise in Dolphin with reasonable pricing. I'm looking for you.
Telling people that you will only communicate via Skype might be your problem. I know for a fact I don't use Skype on my computer because it's full of Spyware so perhaps changing the way you use your computer to communicate with others might be a start if you want quality professionals to work on your site for you.
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