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Need Custom TO DO LIST Module: MUST BE GOOD

This is another major project that I need for January:


This is a personal Planner module :


This module will allow our users to easily create a to do list that monitors how well they are executing task. it is not base on an microsoft outlook where specific time matters. However, it focus on categorizing each task into 5 types of task (or categories)

Users and Admins can easily create task that can be categorized
Admins can create additional categories
Owner can View all of their tasks on a "dashboard" page
Owner View tasks by category
Reoccuring Task can be created  (everyday, once a week, twice a week, etc.)
delete a task
Email alert on the scheduled completion date that gives the option to reschedule  a task  if I haven't achieved it by that date.
Users receive a weekly email that lists all of their tasks

Page that displays a calendar
Ability to calculate the % of completed Task

Must be able to show in a bar graph (ie. google graphs) indicating the type of task Ratio

Home Page
Browse Page (List of all Tasks) by category
My Tasks Page (Dashboard of all My Tasks in progress)
Completed Tasks Page (Text list of all goals that have been completed, with hyperlink to view the goal
Add/Edit a Task Page
 Single  Day -Today View Calendar Page(With the ability to add task)
Week View Calendar Page (With the ability to add task)
This Month View Calendar Page (With the ability to add task)


Skills Required:

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