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Need help tweaking custom Mod done by Modzzz

I need help making some adjustments to a custom Real Estate Mod done by Modzzz.  He seems too busy to even respond to my requests.  I paid $550 for a custom search function and a duplicate checker function.  I need to modify the search function to only control the View Property action while allowing members to still browse property listings.  So I can allow specific members to view the thumbnails of Property, but not the details of property listed by specific members.

I need to modify the duplicate checker function so that I have control over the membership levels that are compared for duplicates.  For example right now the duplicate checker only checks for duplicate listings if the membership level is the same. So, Agent members listings are compared to other agent listings for duplicates.  I want to check Agent member's listings for duplicates against other Agent members and also against Promotion members too.

Additionally I would like to add a PHP block that will display all the Property Listings of a specific member.  I have created an Example Member so that I can show members what certain types of listings should look like.  I want to display the listings of this Example Member in a separate block so that it is obvious that theses are examples.  The Mod has a Featured Property function, but I don't want to use it for this purpose.  I want to use the Featured Property function for its intended purpose.

Is this a job that anyone wants to take a crack at?  I have been waiting 3 months now for an estimate from Modzzz, so I'm getting anxious to move on to my other work.

No bids so far.
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please PM me with further details, thanks!
hello sir,
I am interested and ready to discuss details.
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